CO2REOPT has a work plan divided by milestones where decisions for the continuation of the project will be made. The project starts with an early kick-off meeting (milestone 1) and a phase where all principal requirements from the two corridors are collected and structured (milestone 2). After this, in the second phase, problem statements for the core components of the two prototypes together with fundamental models will be developed and identified, and an analysis on problem complexity will be performed (milestone 3).
The third phase focuses on implementation and integration of the appropriate mathematical models, algorithms and prototypes, and ends with an evaluation of quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the two prototypes (milestone 4). Already at this early stage of the project we intend to start implementing prototypes. This way we establish a feedback loop between research and practice to gather practical experience in utilizing the new technology already during its development. A crucial step in this phase is also the validation of the developed models and techniques. The practical experience and the real life data provided by our consortium members will be invaluable. Furthermore, based on their performance in computational experiments, the best models and solution techniques will be implemented as decision support tools, i.e., prototype decision support software.
The fourth phase, contains dissemination of project results, investigation of possibilities for exploitation, and loose integration of the two prototypes for extensively testing of the developed methods on our real-life instances. The phase also contains reviews of dissemination and exploitation activities, a full project review, and the final meeting. This last phase therefore contains three milestones (5-7), and also allows for final adjustments of project results.