The management structure has been designed to facilitate the management of this complex project through clear responsibilities, plans for change management and effective handling of stakeholder requirements. The stakeholders are directly involved in the governing board as well as in day-to-day contacts through the work packages. In detail, the management of CO2REOPT is divided into three management and advisory bodies; the General Assembly (GA), the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and the Project Executive Board (PEB). Each body has a designated chair and a common set of rules for operation, decision-making, conflict resolution, and escalation of issues.
The management procedures of CO2REOPT have been designed to deliver high-quality results in time with maximum impact on the two core freight corridors and to European logistics by extension. The main goals of the management procedures are to capture input and requirements from the different stakeholders, to effectively monitor the project financially as well as content wise and to facilitate quality control on deliverables, conflict resolution, risk management and resource allocation.